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Title: Cold-Hearted Rake (Ravenels Series #1), Author: Lisa Kleypas
Title: Cold Hearted River (Sean Stranahan Series #6), Author: Keith McCafferty
Title: Cold Hearted, Author: Beverly Barton
Title: Cold Hearted Bastard, Author: Jennifer Dawson
Title: Cold Hearted, Author: Toni Anderson
Title: Cold Hearted Woman, Artist: Riot Horse
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Title: Cold Hearted Woman, Artist: Betty Pride
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Title: Cold Hearted Son of a Witch, Author: M. R. Mathias
Title: Cold Hearted: A Yancy Lazarus Novel (Episode Two), Author: James A. Hunter
Title: Stupid Love 3: Cold Hearted, Author: Solae Dehvine
Title: Five Runes: Prologue - At Least the Tree Isn't a Cold Hearted Bitch, Author: JF Hindy
Title: Cold Hearted (Bad Boy Rugged Love, #1), Author: Amy Faye
Title: Un seductor sin corazón (Cold-Hearted Rake), Author: Lisa Kleypas
Title: Baby Girl Cold Hearted, Author: Dre Nix
Title: Cold Hearted, Author: Winter Renshaw
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Title: Cold Hearted, Author: Jennifer Davis
Title: Slivka the Cold-Hearted Curse (Beast Quest Series #75), Author: Adam Blade
Title: Cold Hearted, Author: Jamaica
Title: The Cold Hearted Billionaire, Author: S. Anne
Title: Sentimental Poetry For Cold-Hearted Slobs, Author: Mike Davidson

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