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Title: Hollywood's Fatal Feng Shui: An In-Depth Examination of 10 Celebrity Homes with a Tragic History, Author: Jennifer Bonetto
Title: The Secrets of Mastering Flying Stars Feng Shui: Learn how to fly, analyze, cure and enhance the stars for your home and office, Author: Denise Liotta Dennis
Title: Flying Stars Feng Shui for Period 9: How to enhance prosperity, health and relationships for the next 20 years, Author: Master Denise Liotta Dennis
Title: How to Start and Grow a Feng Shui Business: A Practical Guide to Become a Successful Feng Shui Consultant, Author: Denise Liotta-Dennis
Title: Feng Shui That Rocks the House: Shake Up the Energy and Get the Life You Want, Author: Denise Liotta-Dennis