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Title: PCR Primer Design / Edition 1, Author: Anton Yuryev
Title: Free Energy Calculations in Rational Drug Design / Edition 1, Author: M. Rami Reddy
Title: The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action, Author: Richard B. Silverman
Title: Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Design / Edition 2, Author: John B. Butt
Title: Molecular Similarity in Drug Design / Edition 1, Author: P.M. Dean
Title: Design of Caspase Inhibitors as Potential Clinical Agents, Author: Tom O'Brien
Title: Peptide-Based Drug Design / Edition 1, Author: Laszlo Otvos
Title: Protein Structure, Prediction and Design, Author: J. Kay
Title: The Estrogen Receptor As Target for Rational Drug Design / Edition 1, Author: Erwin Von Angerer
Title: Rational Drug Design / Edition 1, Author: Donald G. Truhlar
Title: Molecular Mechanics and Conformational Analysis in Drug Design, Author: Gyorgy M Keseru
Title: Macromolecular Design of Polymeric Materials, Author: Hatada
Title: Molecular Design and Bioorganic Catalysis / Edition 1, Author: C.S. Wilcox
Title: Protein Design and the Development of New Therapeutics and Vaccines / Edition 1, Author: Jerry B. Hook
Title: Design and Synthesis of Organic Molecules Based on Molecular Recognition, Author: Georges V. Binst
Title: Protein Folding, Evolution and Design, Author: R. A. Broglia
Title: Peptide and Protein Design for Biopharmaceutical Applications / Edition 1, Author: Knud Jensen
Title: Chemical Drug Design, Author: Girish Kumar Gupta
Title: Molecular Quantum Similarity in QSAR and Drug Design, Author: R. Carbo-Dorca
Title: New Approaches to the Design of Antineoplastic Agents, Author: T. J. Bardos

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