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Title: Sequence Design for Communications Applications, Author: Pingzhi Fan
Title: Fuzzy Sets in Engineering Design and Configuration / Edition 1, Author: Hans-Jurgen Sebastian
Title: Design Methods for Digital Systems, Author: Jean Chinal
Title: Algebraic Number Theory And Code Design For Rayleigh Fading Channels, Author: F Oggier
Title: Fuzzy Control and Filter Design for Uncertain Fuzzy Systems / Edition 1, Author: Wudhichai Assawinchaichote
Title: Digital Filtering in One and Two Dimensions: Design and Applications / Edition 1, Author: M. Ahmadi
Title: Fuzzy Databases: Modeling, Design and Implementation, Author: Galindo
Title: Ideal Sequence Design in Time-Frequency Space: Applications to Radar, Sonar, and Communication Systems / Edition 1, Author: Myoung An
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Title: An Introduction to Fuzzy Sets: Analysis and Design / Edition 1, Author: Witold Pedrycz
Title: Architecture and Science, Author: Giuseppa Di Cristina
Title: Axiomatic Design: Advances and Applications / Edition 1, Author: Nam Pyo Suh