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Title: Jake's Great New Year's Day Adventure, Author: J. William Turner
Title: Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight: The New Tom Swift JR. Adventures, Author: Victor Appleton
Title: Weird New Science Mega-Mouth Discovered: Bizarre Real-Life Monsters, Myths and Future Animals, Author: James Stazzer
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Title: The Great Skate Mystery (New Bobbsey Twins Series #21), Author: Laura Lee Hope
Title: Castles of Great Britain, Author: Elizabeth Wright
Title: Cathedrals of Great Britain, Author: Anthony Seward
June 16th
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Title: Spike It!: Can Jamie learn to live with her new stepsister?, Author: Matt Christopher
Title: Five Famous Writers: Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, Gwendolyn Brooks, Virginia Hamilton, and Walter Dean Myers, Author: Lynda Jones
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