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Title: Land, Power, and Economics on the Frontier of Upper Canada, Author: John Clarke
Title: Economics Today, Micro View (Custom), Author: Miller
Title: Regional Aspects of Canada's Economic Growth, Author: Alan G. Green
Title: Canadian Economics Macro, Author: C. Michael Fellows
Title: Issues in Canadian Economics, Author: Lawrence H. Officer
Title: Canadian Economics Micro, Author: C. Michael Fellows
Title: The Measurement of Economic Growth, Author: Dan Usher
Title: The Review of Economic Performance and Social Progress, 2001, Author: Keith G. Banting
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Title: Foreign Investment, Technology and Economic Growth, Author: Donald McFetridge
Title: Select Documents in Canadian Economic History, Author: Harold Adams Innis
Title: Women's Work, Markets and Economic Development in Nineteenth-Century Ontario, Author: Marjorie Griffin Cohen
Title: Approaches to Canadian Economic History / Edition 1, Author: Easterbrook
Title: A Handbook of Economic Indicators, Author: John Grant
Title: OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Canada - Maintaining Leadership Through Innovation, Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Staff
Title: Economic Policies in Canada, Author: Ingrid A. Bryan
Title: The American Economic Impact on Canada, Author: Hugh G. J. Aitken
Title: The Leisure Economy: How Changing Demographics, Economics, and Generational Attitudes Will Reshape Our Lives and Our Industries, Author: Linda Nazareth
Title: The Politics and Economics of Eric Kierans: A Man for All Canadas, Author: John N. McDougall
Title: Images of Canadianness: Visions on Canada's Politics, Culture, and Economics, Author: Leen D'Haenens
Title: Economic History of Canada: A Guide to Information Sources, Author: Trevor J. O. Dick

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