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Title: Texts Of Desire: Essays Of Fiction, Femininity And Schooling, Author: Linda K. Christian-Smith University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Title: Celebrating Children's Literature in Education, Author: Geoff Fox
Title: New Essays on The Education of Henry Adams, Author: John Carlos Rowe
Title: Public School Literature, Civic Education and the Politics of Male Adolescence, Author: Jenny Holt
Title: Reading Victorian Schoolrooms: Childhood and Education in Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Author: Elizabeth Gargano
Title: Voices off: Texts, Contexts and Readers, Author: Morag Styles
Title: Multicultural Children's Literature: Through the Eyes of Many Children / Edition 3, Author: Donna E. Norton
Title: Critical Questions: On Music and Letters, Culture and Biography, 1940-1980, Author: Jacques Barzun
Title: Teaching Science Fiction: Education for Tomorrow, Author: Jack Williamson
Title: Literature for Children: A Short Introduction / Edition 6, Author: David L. Russell
Title: Writers, Critics, and Children: Articles from Children's Literature in Education, Author: Geoff Fox
Title: Xenophon's Imperial Fiction: On The Education of Cyrus, Author: James Tatum
Title: Lessons to be Learned: A Study of Eighteenth Century English Didactic Children's Literature, Author: Bette P. Goldstone
Title: The Happy Island: Images of Childhood in the Eighteenth-Century French Theatre d'Education / Edition 1, Author: James Herbert Davis
Title: All For The Children: Multicultural Essentials of Literature / Edition 1, Author: Denise Finazzo
Title: Meditation In Schools, Author: Clive Erricker
Title: Young People Reading: Culture and Response (English, Language, and Education Series), Author: Charles Sarland
Title: Mastering Aesop: Medieval Education, Chaucer, and His Followers, Author: Edward Wheatley
Title: Literature and the Young Adult Reader / Edition 1, Author: Ernest L. Bond
Title: House of Mirrors: Performing Autobiograph(icall)y in Language/Education / Edition 1, Author: Renee Norman

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