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Title: Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics Problem Solver, Author: The Editors of REA
Title: Meeting Research and Education Needs in Coastal Engineering, Author: National Research Council Staf
Title: Handbook of Field Surveying, Author: James R. Ogden
Title: The Essentials of Strength of Materials II, Author: Research & Education Association
Title: Future Needs in Civil Engineering Education, Author: Institution of Civil Engineers Staff
Title: Strength of Materials and Mechanics of Solids I Essentials, Author: Research & Education Association
Title: The Strength of Materials & Mechanics of Solid: Problem Solver (REA Problem Solvers Series), Author: Research & Education Association
Title: Expert Systems for Civil Engineers: Education, Author: Satish Mohan
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Title: Road Safety Education for Young Children and Teenagers: Fourth Joint Ecmt - Council of Europe Conference, Author: OECD Staff
Title: Structural Dynamics in Aeronautical Engineering, Author: Maher N. Bismarck-Nasr
Title: Energy, Power and Transportation, Author: Anthony E. Schwaller
Title: Education and Training in Geo-Engineering Sciences: Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Education and Training in Geo-Engineering Sciences - Soil Mechanics, Geotechnica, Author: Iacint Manoliu
Title: Water Quality International '96: River Basin Management; Management and Institutional Affairs; Environmental Engineering Education, Author: D. Ballay
Title: Education and Continuing Development for the Civil Engineer: Setting the Agenda for the 90's and Beyond, Author: American Society Of Civil Engineers
Title: Engineering Education and Professional Development: IMECE 2008, Author: American Society of Mechanical Engineers Staff
Title: Trends in Structural Mechanics: Theory, Practice, Education / Edition 1, Author: J. Roorda
Title: Structural Loads Analysis for Commercial Transport Aircraft, Author: Ted L. Lomax
Title: Introduction to Dynamics and Control of Flexible Structures / Edition 1, Author: John L. Junkins
Title: Highly Flexible Structures: Modeling, Computation, and Experimentation, Author: P. Frank Pai