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Title: Exploring Arduino: Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry / Edition 1, Author: Jeremy Blum Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Software and Hardware Engineering: Assembly and C Programming for the Freescale HCS12 Microcontroller / Edition 2, Author: Fredrick M. Cady
Title: Feedback Control Theory, Author: Bruce A. Francis Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: SPICE / Edition 2, Author: Gordon Roberts
Title: Digital Systems Design Using VHDL / Edition 3, Author: Jr.
Title: Design of Feedback Control Systems / Edition 4, Author: Raymond T. Stefani
Title: Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering, Author: Andrew 'bunnie' Huang
Title: Arduino: A Technical Reference: A Handbook for Technicians, Engineers, and Makers, Author: J. M. Hughes Read an excerpt of this book!
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Title: CAN System Engineering: From Theory to Practical Applications, Author: Wolfhard Lawrenz
Title: The Verilog PLI Handbook: A User's Guide and Comprehensive Reference on the Verilog Programming Language Interface, Author: Stuart Sutherland
Title: Adaptive Control: Stability, Convergence and Robustness, Author: Shankar Sastry
Title: Digital Processing of Random Signals: Theory and Methods, Author: Boaz Porat
Title: Stable Adaptive Systems, Author: Kumpati S. Narendra Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Advanced Computing Concepts and Techniques in Control Engineering, Author: Michael J. Denham
Title: Linear Control Systems Engineering (Custom) / Edition 1, Author: Morris R Driels
Title: Entropy in Control Engineering, Author: George N Saridis
Title: Digital Control Engineering, Author: M. Gopal
Title: Computer-Aided Control Systems Engineering, Author: Mohammad Jamshidi
Title: C-Math Toolchest for Engineering and Scientific Applications, Author: Charles P. Bernardin
Title: Programmable Logic Controllers and Their Engineering Applications / Edition 2, Author: Alan J. Crispin

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