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Title: A Software Engineer Learns HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery, Author: Dane Cameron
Title: High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers, Author: Steve Souders Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Traffic Engineering and QoS Optimization of Integrated Voice & Data Networks, Author: Gerald R. Ash
Title: Proceedings Fourth International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering Workshops, Author: Staff of IEEE Computer Society
Title: Financial Engineering, E-commerce and Supply Chain / Edition 1, Author: Panos M. Pardalos
Title: e-Engineering & Digital Enterprise Technology, Author: Kai Cheng
Title: Semantic Web Engineering In The Knowledge Society, Author: Jorge Cardoso
Title: Practical IP and Telecom for Broadcast Engineering and Operations: What you need to know to survive, long term, Author: Fred Huffman
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Title: Web Engineering, Author: Woojong Suh
Title: Agent Technologies And Web Engineering, Author: Ghazi Alkhatib
Title: Instructional Engineering in Networked Environments, Author: Gilbert Paquette
Title: Integrating Usability Engineering For Designing The Web Experience, Author: Tasos Spiliotopoulos
Title: Introduction to the Internet for Engineers, Author: Raymond Greenlaw
Title: Using Online Scientific and Engineering Databases, Author: Harley Bjelland
Title: Engineering-Related E-Commerce, Author: Richard Kendall Miller
Title: Engineering Web Applications / Edition 1, Author: Sven Casteleyn
Title: WEB ENGINEERING, Author: Rajiv Chopra
Title: Engineering Internet Qos, Author: Sanjay K. Jha
Title: Web Engineering / Edition 1, Author: Emilia Mendes
Title: Applied Software Engineering with Apache Jakarta, Author: Christian Gross

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