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Title: Rock Hudson Erotic Fire, Author: Darwin Porter
Title: Wagner and the Erotic Impulse, Author: Laurence Dreyfus
Title: Best Seller Vikings-Helgeland ( adventure, fantasy, murder, romantic, action, fiction, humorous, historical, romantic, thriller, crime, journey, battle, war, science fiction, amazing, Greeks, Trogan war, romance ), Author: Resounding Wind ebook
Title: Mixing Mike, Author: Megan Slayer
Title: Backstage Ass (gay bdsm gangbang erotica), Author: Jen Harker
Title: Petite Tits Beautiful Breasts (Erotic Nude Ebook), Author: Blake Cross
Title: Sassy in Stilettos, Author: Nana Malone
Title: Erotic Nude Porn Stars vol. 2: Taylor St. Claire, Author: Jack Rivera
Title: Erotic Nude Porn Stars vol. 3: Asia Carrera, Author: Jack Rivera
Title: Hold Me Together, Author: Felice Fox
Title: Erotic Nude Porn Stars vol. 4: Jessica Drake, Author: Jack Rivera
Title: Pole Story: Essays on the Power of Erotic Dance, Author: Claire Griffin Sterrett
Title: Sexy Thrills: Undressing the Erotic Thriller, Author: Nina Martin
Title: Walerian Borowczyk: Cinema of Erotic Dreams, Author: Jeermy Mark Robinson
Title: Dracula (opera erotica) Piano/Vocal Score, Author: Mr. Hayden Wayne
Title: Analytical Survey of Anglo American Traditional Erotica, Author: Frank Hoffman
Title: Couple's Guide to the Best of Erotic Videos, Author: Steve Brent
Title: Erotic Cinema, Author: Douglas Keesey
Title: Erotic Theatre, Author: John Elsom
Title: The Diary of an Erotic Life, Author: Frank Wedekind

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