Title: Fake ID, Author: Lamar Giles
Title: Fake ID, Author: Walter Sorrells
Title: The Fake ID, Author: Becca Sinh
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Title: Find Your Heart: A Wild Romp through the 70s, 80s, and 90s-Surviving Fake IDs, Awkward Dates, and Best Friends Cheering as You Finally Fall in Love, Author: Susan Stocker
Title: Border insecurity, take two: fake IDs foil the first line of defense, Author: United States Senate
Title: Everything Was Great Until It Sucked: One Man's Journey from Fake IDs and BBQ Sauce Sales to Stay-at-Home-Dad and Bestselling Author, Author: Patrick Wensink
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Title: A Bartender's Guide To Carding: A Guide To Checking ID And Spotting Fakes For The Alcohol And Marijuana Industries, Author: Thomas Morrell