Title: This Dark Endeavor (Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein Series #1), Author: Kenneth Oppel
Title: By Order of the President (Presidential Agent Series #1), Author: W. E. B. Griffin
Title: The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur: USA (Secret Agent Jack Stalwart Series #1), Author: Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Title: Sherlock Frankenstein & the Legion of Evil #1, Author: Jeff Lemire
Title: What the Duke Wants, Author: Amy Quinton
Title: Never Blackmail a Thought-Reader (Agents of Rivelt, #1), Author: Sharon Rose
Title: A Weapon of Magical Destruction, Author: Katie Salidas
Title: Rick, Author: Dana Archer
Title: Secrets of Lady Lucy, Author: Rachel Ann Smith
Title: Gremlin Night, Author: Dale Ivan Smith
Title: Agent of Light Episode One, Author: Odette C. Bell
Title: Dark Currents: Agent of Hel, Author: Jacqueline Carey
Title: Eye of Truth, Author: Buroker Lindsay
Title: Released, Agents of Evil Series, Book 1, Author: Megan Duncan
Title: The Eyes of the Queen: A Novel, Author: Oliver Clements
Title: Agent of Chaos (X-Files Origins Series #1), Author: Kami Garcia
Title: Dog Dish of Doom (Agent to the Paws Series #1), Author: E. J. Copperman
Title: Magic Ops: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure, Author: Martha Carr
Title: Gaming for Keeps, Author: Seleste deLaney
Title: Loki: Agent of Asgard Volume 1: Trust Me, Author: Al Ewing

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