Title: Frost and Flame, Author: Gena Showalter
Title: Damian's Assassin, Author: Lizzy Ford
Title: Anvil of Stars, Author: Greg Bear
Title: Fallen Gods: Tides of War Book II, Author: James A. Moore
Title: Love and War, Author: Tricia Andersen
Title: God of War II, Author: Robert E. Vardeman
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Title: God of War #2, Author: Chris Roberson
Title: Reign From Heaven (War of the Gods, #2), Author: David Gearing
Title: The War of the Gods (1991-) #2, Author: George Pérez
Title: The Rising Tide, Author: Nathan Preedy
Title: Humans Rising, Author: Jared Angel
Title: The Lock & Load Prophecies of God: The Warfare-Worship of God, Author: James Mark Massa
Title: Renaldo - Zwischen Liebe und Kampf, Author: Xenia Melzer
Title: Love and the Stubborn, Author: Xenia Melzer
Title: Playing Tug-of-War with God: The Battle of Money, Author: David E Shipman
Title: Return of the Plumed Serpent, Author: Graham Hancock
Title: Loophole of the Gods, Part II: The War, Author: Lyle Milton
Title: Child of War-A God Is Born, Author: Lisa Beth Darling
Title: Void War: The Shroud of the Gods, Author: AJ Watson
Title: Secret Warriors Vol. 2: God of Fear, God of War, Author: Jonathan Hickman
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