Title: DC Super Hero Girls: Finals Crisis, Author: Shea Fontana
Title: Science Fair Crisis (DC Comics: Secret Hero Society #4), Author: Derek Fridolfs
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Title: Heroes in Crisis, Author: Tom King
Title: Heroes in Crisis: The Price and Other Stories, Author: Joshua Williamson
Title: Character and Greatness of Winston Churchill: Hero in a Time of Crisis, Author: Stephen Mansfield
Title: You Can't Predict a Hero: From War to Wall Street, Leading in Times of Crisis, Author: Joseph J. Grano
Title: Hear Me: Rare, Raw Interviews With Syrian Refugees and Other Heroes of the Refugee Crisis In Greece, Author: SALLIE LATCH
Title: Victorian Revolutionaries: Speculations on Some Heroes of a Culture Crisis, Author: Morse Peckham
Title: Heroes of the Seventh Crisis, Author: David E O'Brien
Title: The Masters: RE: Revolver, Author: Matthew Weldon
Title: The Masters, Author: Matthew Weldon
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Title: Hesitant Heroes: Private Inhibition, Cultural Crisis, Author: Theodore Ziolkowski
Title: The Mosby Myth: A Confederate Hero in Life and Legend, Author: Edward Caudill
Title: The Police Identity Crisis: Hero, Warrior, Guardian, Algorithm, Author: Luke William Hunt
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Title: The Masters: RE: The New Cast, Author: Matthew Weldon
Title: Heroes and Martyrs: Notable Men of the Time - Biographical sketches of military and naval heroes, statesmen and orators, distinguished in the American crisis of 1861-62 - Vol. 1, Author: Frank Moore
Title: Crisis & Reaction:: The Jewish Hero in History, Author: Menachem Mor