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Title: A New Literary History of Modern China, Author: David Der-wei Wang
Title: A History of Modern Chinese Fiction, Author: C. T. Hsia
Title: The World Next Door: South Asian American Literature and the Idea of America, Author: Rajini Srikanth
Title: The Cambridge History of Japanese Literature, Author: Haruo Shirane
Title: A History of Chinese Literature, Author: Herbert A. Giles
Title: Drifting among Rivers and Lakes: Southern Song Dynasty Poetry and the Problem of Literary History, Author: Michael A. Fuller
Title: The Columbia History of Chinese Literature, Author: Victor Mair
Title: A history of Ottoman poetry, Author: Elias John Wilkinson Gibb
Title: View of the History, Literature, and Mythology of the Hindoos, Author: William Ward
Title: A History of Indian Poetry in English, Author: Rosinka Chaudhuri
Title: A Brief History of Chinese Fiction, Author: Lu Xun
Title: Companion Studies to the History of Tamil Literature, Author: K.V. Zvelebil
Title: History of Punjabi Literature, Author: Sant S. Sekhon
Title: A History of Japanese Literature, Author: W. G. Aston
Title: The Routledge Concise History of Southeast Asian Writing in English, Author: Rajeev S. Patke
Title: History of the Republican Period, Author: Sa Sha
Title: A History of Contemporary Chinese Literature, Author: Zicheng Hong
Title: History, Narrative, and Testimony in Amitav Ghosh's Fiction, Author: Chitra Sankaran
Title: Short History of Modern Chinese Literature, Author: Ting Yi
Title: A Literary History of India [1898], Author: R. W. Frazer

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