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Title: Let There Be Laughter: A Treasury of Great Jewish Humor and What It All Means, Author: Michael Krasny
Title: Jewish Humor: What the Best Jewish Jokes Say About the Jews, Author: Joseph Telushkin
Title: The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny, Author: Peter McGraw
Title: Live, Laugh, and Be Blessed: Finding Humor and Holiness in Everyday Moments, Author: Anne Bryan Smollin
Title: Laughing with God: Humor, Culture, and Transformation, Author: Gerald A. Arbuckle SM
Title: Mathematics and Humor: A Study of the Logic of Humor, Author: John Allen Paulos
Title: No Joke: Making Jewish Humor, Author: Ruth R. Wisse
Title: Relax--You May Only Have a Few Minutes Left: Using the Power of Humor to Overcome Stress in Your Life and Work, Author: Loretta LaRoche
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Title: Blind Men and Elephants: Perspectives on Humor, Author: Arthur Asa Berger
Title: Jesus Laughed: The Redemptive Power of Humor, Author: Robert Darden
Title: The Senses of Humor: Self and Laughter in Modern America, Author: Daniel Wickberg
Title: Calvinist Humor in American Literature, Author: Michael Dunne
Title: Dark Humor and Social Satire in the Modern British Novel, Author: Lisa Colletta
Title: Humor and Children's Development: A Guide to Practical Applications, Author: Paul E Mcghee
Title: Humor and Psyche: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Author: James W. Barron
Title: What's So Funny?: Humor in American Culture, Author: Nancy A. Walker
Title: Ritual Humor in Highland Chiapas, Author: Victoria Reifler Bricker
Title: The Jokes of Sigmund Freud: A Study in Humor and Jewish Identity, Author: Elliott Oring
Title: Understanding Humor in Japan, Author: Jessica Milner Davis
Title: They Used to Call Me Snow White . . . But I Drifted: Women's Strategic Use of Humor, Author: Gina Barreca

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