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Title: Myanmar Business Law Handbook, Author: Usa Ibp
Title: The Vietnam War and International Law, Volume 2, Author: Richard A. Falk
Title: Law and Kingship in Thailand during the Reign of King Chulalongkorn, Author: David M. Engel
Title: New Girl Law: Drafting a Future for Cambodia, Author: Anne Elizabeth Moore
Title: No Entry without Strategy: Building the Rule of Law under UN Transitional Administration, Author: Carolyn Bull
Title: Dangerous Ground: The Spratly Islands and U.S. Interests and Approaches - South China Sea, Law of the Sea Convention, UNCLOS, Claims by China, Taiwan, Vietnam, ASEAN, Author: Progressive Management
Title: The Vietnam War on Trial: (Landmark Law Cases & American Society Series): The My Lai Massacre and Court-Martial of Lieutenant Calley, Author: Michal R. Belknap
Title: The Vietnam War on Trial (Landmark Law Cases & American Society): The My Lai Massacre and the Courrt-Martial of Lieutenant Calley, Author: Michal R. Belknap
Title: Islamic Hire Purchase Law is Getting Special Attention in Malaysia: A Socio-Legal Analysis, Author: Abdul Jalil
Title: Law and Society in Vietnam: The Transition from Socialism in Comparative Perspective, Author: Mark Sidel
Title: Myanmar Business Law Handbook: Basic Business Legislation and Regulations Affecting Business and Investment Activity, Author: International Business Publications Staf
Title: Islam Beyond Conflict: Indonesian Islam and Western Political Theory / Edition 1, Author: Wayne Hudson
Title: Vietnam and International Law: An Analysis of International Law and the Use of Force, and the Precedent of Vietnam for Subsequent Interventions, Author: Consultative Council of the Lawyers Committee
Title: Living Sharia: Law and Practice in Malaysia, Author: Timothy P. Daniels
Title: RE-SEARCHING AGRICULTURE IN SOUTH ASIA: The law and policy context for agricultural research and development and its impact on smallholder farmers, Author: Shalini Bhutani