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Title: Solving the Frame Problem: A Mathematical Investigation of the Common Sense Law of Inertia, Author: Murray Shanahan
Title: Benford's Law: Theory and Applications, Author: Steven J. Miller
Title: Analysis of Dis/agreement - with particular reference to Law and Legal Theory, Author: S. Eng
Title: The Art and Theory of Dynamic Programming (Mathematics in Science and Engineering, Volume 130), Author: Stuart E. Dreyfus
Title: Game Theory and the Law, Author: Eric B. Rasmusen
Title: Introduction to non-Kerr Law Optical Solutions, Author: Anjan Biswas
Title: Game Theory and the Law, Author: Douglas G. Baird
Title: Reasons for Action and the Law, Author: M.C. Redondo
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Title: Mouse Count!, Author: Felicia Law
Title: Approximation, Optimization and Computing: Theory and Applications, Author: Alan G. Law
Title: Law and Social Norms, Author: Eric A. Posner
Title: Law, Policy, and Optimizing Analysis, Author: Stuart S. Nagel
Title: Electronic Signatures in Law, Author: Stephen Mason
Title: An Introduction to Benford's Law, Author: Arno Berger
Title: From Reason to Romanticism, Author: B. W. Law
Title: STAT REASONING IN LAW & PUBLIC POLICY V1, Author: Joseph L. Gastwirth
Title: Law As Logic and Experience 1940, Author: Max Radin
Title: Theory of Approximation: With Applications, Author: Alan G. Law
Title: Numerical Approximation of Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws / Edition 1, Author: Edwige Godlewski
Title: Power Laws, Scale-Free Networks and Genome Biology / Edition 1, Author: Eugene V. Koonin

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