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Title: UK Waste Management Law, 2nd Edition / Edition 2, Author: John H. Bates
Title: Competing Norms In The Law Of Marine Environmental Protection, Author: Ringbom
Title: Environment Disasters and the Law, Author: Vinod Shankar Mishra
Title: Antitrust Law Vol 3 (78), Author: Randall L. Erickson
Title: RCRA Deskbook, Author: Law Institute Environmental
Title: Environment & Europe, European Union Environment Law & Policy &, Author: Monaha N. Duhot
Title: Law of Solid Waste, Pollution Prevention, and Recycling, Author: Jeffrey M. Gaba
Title: The Law of Waste Management, Author: David Pocklington
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Title: Environmental Laws and Real Estate Handbook, Author: Steven A. Tasher
Title: Pollution, Politics, and International Law: Tankers at Sea, Author: R. Michael M'Gonigle
Title: Transferring Hazardous Technologies and Substances, Author: Gunther Handl
Title: Overcoming International Barriers To International Waste Trade, A, Author: Elli Louka
Title: European Union Environmental Law: A Guide for Industry, Author: Charles Lister
Title: Environmental Protection and the Social Responsibility of Firms:
Title: Commons Ignorance: The Failure of Environmental Law to Provide the Information Needed to Protect Public Health and the Environment, Author: Wendy E. Wagner
Title: The Legal, Environmental and Social Perspectives of Surface Mining Law and Reclamation by Landfilling: Getting Maximum Yield from Surface Mines, Author: Robert Lee Aston
Title: Waste Management Law: An Outline of Planning, Environmental and Health and Safety Law, Author: John Garbutt
Title: Environmental Regulation of Petroleum Spills and Wastes, Author: Michael M. Gibson
Title: Environmental Protection and Justice: Readings and Commentary on Environmental Law and Practice / Edition 1, Author: Kenneth A. Manaster
Title: Siren Song: Chilean Water Law as a Model for International Reform, Author: Carl J. Bauer

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