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Title: International Business Law / Edition 6, Author: Ray A. August
Title: Best Seller Newt Gingrich Pro's and Con's ( civics, political theory, politics, political science, people, law ), Author: Eli Epstien
Title: Sales Law, Domestic and International / Edition 3, Author: Clayton Gillette Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Contract Theory, Author: Stephen A. Smith Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Law without Nations?: Why Constitutional Government Requires Sovereign States, Author: Jeremy A. Rabkin Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: International Law in the 21st Century: Rules for Global Governance / Edition 1, Author: Christopher C. Joyner
Title: From the Corn Laws to Free Trade: Interests, Ideas, and Institutions in Historical Perspective, Author: Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey
Title: EC Competition Law, Author: Daniel Goyder
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Title: Cheshire, Fifoot, and Furmston's Law of Contract, Author: MP Furmston
Title: International Business Law and Its Environment / Edition 7, Author: Richard Schaffer
Title: The\Law of International Business Transactions, Author: Fellmeth
Title: The Global Political Economy: Perspectives, Problems, and Policies, Author: Stephen Gill
Title: EC Tax Law, Author: Paul M. D. Farmer
Title: EC Trade Law Following China's Accession to the WTO, Author: Hoogmartens
Title: Competition Law in the UK and the EU, Author: Mark Furse
Title: The Law of Economics of the European Union 2003, Author: Parisi
Title: Frankfurt School Perspectives on Globalization, Democracy, and the Law, Author: William E. Scheuerman Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Global Issues in Corporate Law / Edition 1, Author: Franklin A. Gevurtz
Title: Trade and Environmental Law in the European Community, Author: Andreas R. Ziegler
Title: Law and Its Limitations in the GATT Multilateral Trade System, Author: Oliver Long

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