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Title: Madagascar Politics and Governance, A History: Attempting Democracy under Instability of Leadership, Author: Noah Cobb
Title: Sex and Salvation: Imagining the Future in Madagascar, Author: Jennifer Cole
Title: Loharano (the Water Spring): Missionary Tales from Madagascar, Author: Antonette Nilsen Halvorson
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Title: Madagascar Coloring Book: Coloring Book for Kids and Adults, This Amazing Coloring Book Will Make Your Kids Happier and Give Them Joy, Author: Emma Kovtun
Title: Beyond Market Liberalization: Welfare, Income Generation and Environmental Sustainability in Rural Madagascar, Author: Bart Minten
Title: Voices From Madagascar: An Anthology of Contemporary Francophone Literature, Author: Jacques Bourgeacq
Title: Child of the Journey, Author: Janet Berliner
Title: Constraints on Conceptual Development: A Case Study of the Acquisition of Folkbiological and Folksociological Knowledge in Madagascar, Author: Rita Astuti
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Title: Two Feet High and Rising, Author: Justine Fontes
Title: Early State Formation in Central Madagascar: An Archaeological Survey of Western Avaradrano, Author: Henry T. Wright
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Title: Imaitsoanala: La fille de l'oie sauvage - Conte de Madagascar, Author: Annie Caldirac
Title: Forêts tropicales et mondialisation: Les mutations des politiques forestières en Afrique francophone et à Madagascar, Author: Alain Bertrand
Title: TERRALOG: Geckos of Madagascar, the Seychelles, Comoros and Mascarene Islands (Terralog 12), Author: Patrick Schonecker
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Title: Penguins Of Madagascar: Operation Get Ducky
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