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Title: Studies in Logic and Probability, Author: George Boole
Title: Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning [Two Volumes in One], Author: George Polya
Title: Philosophy of Mathematics, Author: Oystein Linnebo
Title: The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic, Author: Stewart Shapiro
Title: Philosophy of Mathematics, Author: Stephan Körner
Title: Foundations and Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics, Author: Howard Eves
Title: What Is Mathematics, Really?, Author: Reuben Hersh
Title: The Applicability of Mathematics as a Philosophical Problem, Author: Mark Steiner
Title: Philosophy of Mathematics and Deductive Structure in Euclid's Elements, Author: Ian Mueller
Title: Brain Busters! Mind-Stretching Puzzles in Math and Logic, Author: Barry R. Clarke
Title: Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics: Second Edition, Author: Raymond L. Wilder
Title: Discrete Mathematics: Mathematical Reasoning and Proof with Puzzles, Patterns, and Games / Edition 1, Author: Douglas E. Ensley
Title: History of the Calculus and Its Conceptual Development, Author: Carl B. Boyer
Title: The Universe and the Teacup: The Mathematics of Truth and Beauty, Author: K. C. Cole
Title: Frege: Philosophy of Mathematics, Author: Michael Dummett
Title: Thinking about Mathematics: The Philosophy of Mathematics / Edition 1, Author: Stewart Shapiro
Title: How Mathematicians Think: Using Ambiguity, Contradiction, and Paradox to Create Mathematics, Author: William Byers
Title: Proof in Geometry: With
Title: Philosophy in an Age of Science: Physics, Mathematics, and Skepticism, Author: Hilary Putnam
Title: The Big Questions: Tackling the Problems of Philosophy with Ideas from Mathematics, Economics, and Physics, Author: Steven E. Landsburg

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