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Title: Borges and Mathematics, Author: Guillermo Martinez
Title: Discovering Patterns in Mathematics and Poetry, Author: Marcia Birken
Title: Poems for Math Practice with 80 Skill-Building Activities, Author: Laureen Reynolds
Title: Day's Adventure in Math Wonderland, Author: Jin Akiyama
Title: Exploring Math with Books Kids Love, Author: Kathryn Kaczmarski
Title: Young Adult Reader's Adviser: Volume 1: The Best in Literature and Language Arts, Mathematics and Computer Science/Volume 2: The Best in Social Sciences, History, Science and Health, Author: Myra Immell
Title: Oral Storytelling and Teaching Mathematics: Pedagogical and Multicultural Perspectives / Edition 1, Author: Michael Stephen Schiro
Title: Sum of the Parts: The Mathematics and Politics of Region, Place, and Writing, Author: Kent C Ryden
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Title: Picture Books Plus: 100 Extension Activities in Art, Drama, Music, Math, and Science, Author: Sue McCleaf Nespeca
Title: Once upon a Gems Guide: Connecting Young People's Literature to Great Explorations in Math and Science, Author: Jacqueline Barber
Title: The Canterbury Puzzles, Author: H. E. Dudeney