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Title: Exploring Science and Mathematics in a Child's World / Edition 1, Author: Genevieve A. Davis
Title: Teaching Language Arts, Math, and Science to Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities / Edition 1, Author: Diane M. Browder
Title: Response to Intervention in Math / Edition 1, Author: Paul J. Riccomini
Title: Hands-On Math Projects With Real-Life Applications, Author: Judith A. Muschla
Title: Exemplary Practices for Secondary Math Teachers, Author: Alfred S. Posamentier
Title: Minds on Mathematics: Using Math Workshop to Develop Deep Understanding in Grades 4-8, Author: Wendy Ward Hoffer
Title: Accessible Mathematics: Ten Instructional Shifts That Raise Student Achievement, Author: Steven Leinwand
Title: Mathematics Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites: 20 Numeracy Strategies That Engage the Brain, PreK-8 / Edition 1, Author: Marcia L. Tate
Title: Uncovering Student Thinking About Mathematics in the Common Core, Grades 6-8: 25 Formative Assessment Probes / Edition 1, Author: Cheryl Rose Tobey
Title: Differentiating Instruction with Menus: Math (Grades 3-5), Author: Laurie Westphal
Title: Geometry Made Simple, Author: Kara Monroe
Title: Developing Essential Understanding of Algebraic Thinking for Teaching Mathematics in Grades 3-5, Author: Maria L. Blanton
Title: Mathematics for All, Author: Mark W. Ellis
Title: How to Teach Math to Black Students, Author: Shahid Muhammad
Title: Mathematics Miseducation: The Case Against a Tired Tradition, Author: Derek Stolp
Title: Adolescent Literature as a Complement to the Content Areas: Science and Math, Author: Paula Greathouse
Title: Overcoming School Anxiety: How to Help Your Child Deal with Separation, Tests, Homework, Bullies, Math Phobia, and Other Worries, Author: Diane Peters Mayer
Title: Early Numeracy: Assessment for Teaching and Intervention / Edition 2, Author: Robert J Wright
Title: Blogging as Change: Transforming Science and Math Education through New Media Literacies, Author: April Luehmann
Title: Making Math Accessible to English Language Learners: Practical Tips and Suggestions, Grades K-2, Author: r4Educated Solutions

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