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Title: Romanticism Medicine and the Poet's Body, Author: James Robert Allard
Title: Modernism, Medicine and William Carlos Williams, Author: T. Hugh Crawford
Title: Romantic Medicine and John Keats, Author: Hermione B. De Almeida
Title: Joyce, Medicine, and Modernity, Author: Vike Martina Plock
Title: City of Health, Fields of Disease: Revolutions in the Poetry, Medicine, and Philosophy of Romanticism, Author: Martin Wallen
Title: The Mind of Modernism (Cultural Sitings Series): Medicine, Psychology, and the Cultural Arts in Europe and America, 1880-1940, Author: Mark S. Micale
Title: Romanticism and Colonial Disease, Author: Alan Bewell
Title: Victorian demons: Medicine, masculinity, and the Gothic at the fin-de-siecle, Author: Andrew Smith