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Title: Practical Plans for Difficult Conversations in Medicine: Strategies That Work in Breaking Bad News, Author: Robert Buckman
Title: Narrative Medicine: Honoring the Stories of Illness, Author: Rita Charon
Title: What's New in Medicine - More Than 250 of the Biggest Health Issues of the Decade, Author: L. A. Chotkowski
Title: Communication Skills in Medicine / Edition 1, Author: Charles R. K. Hind
Title: The Selling of American Medicine, Author: Richard Currey
Title: Developing Communication and Counselling Skills in Medicine, Author: Roslyn H. Corney
Title: Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine, Author: Marjorie Gott
Title: Humane Medicine, Author: Miles Little
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Title: Speaking of Health: Assessing Health Communication Strategies for Diverse Populations / Edition 1, Author: Institute of Medicine
Title: Communication Skills in Medicine, Author: Margaret Lloyd
Title: Humane Medicine / Edition 1, Author: Miles Little
Title: Encounters Between Patients and Doctors: An Anthology, Author: John D. Stoeckle
Title: Prescribing Faith: Medicine, Media, and Religion in American Culture, Author: Claire Hoertz Badaracco
Title: Killer Fat: Media, Medicine, and Morals in the American
Title: Written Communication in Family Medicine: By the Task Force on Professional Communication Skills of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, Author: Robert Taylor
Title: The Visible Human Project: Informatic Bodies and Posthuman Medicine, Author: Cathy Waldby
Title: The Discourse of Medicine: Dialectics of Medical Interviews, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Cultural Sutures: Medicine and Media / Edition 1, Author: Lester D. Friedman
Title: Prespective, Libel, and the Ten Rules of 90's Journalism: Medicine, Music, Stand-up Comedy, Janitor Work, and the Systematic Dismantling of Individual Liberties by an Irresponsible Press, Author: Harold Bays
Title: News Reporting: Science, Medicine, and High Technology, Author: Warren Burkett

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