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Title: From Silence to Voice: What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public, Author: Bernice  Buresh Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Saving Lives: Why the Media's Portrayal of Nursing Puts Us All at Risk, Author: Sandy Summers Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Communication for Nurses: How to Prevent Harmful Events and Promote Patient Safety / Edition 1, Author: Pamela McHugh Schuster
Title: Therapeutic Interaction In Nursing / Edition 2, Author: Christine Williams
Title: Transcultural Communication In Nursing / Edition 2, Author: Cora Munoz
Title: Skills for Professional Nursing Practice, Author: Barbara A. Norton
Title: The Nurse As Manager, Author: Joyce L. Schweiger
Title: Changing Image of the Nurse, Author: Philip Arthur Kalisch
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Title: Nursing Wounds: Nurse Practitioners, Doctors, Women Patients, and the Negotiation of Meaning / Edition 1, Author: Sue Fisher
Title: Communication in Clinical Settings, Author: Paul Bonham
Title: Handbook Of Nursing Leadership: Creative Skills For A Culture Of Safety / Edition 1, Author: Jeri A. Milstead
Title: Communicating Care: The Language of Nursing, Author: Paul Crawford
Title: Nursing Documentation: Legal Focus across Practice Settings / Edition 1, Author: Sue E. Meiner
Title: Fear and AIDS/HIV: Empathy and Communication, Author: Suzanne Lego
Title: Documenting Care: Communication, the Nursing Process and Documentation Standards, Author: Frances T. Fischbach
Title: An Introduction to Nursing Assisting: Building Language Skills / Edition 1, Author: Rita Frey
Title: Communication For Nurses: Talking With Patients / Edition 2, Author: Lisa Kennedy Sheldon
Title: Speaking Your Truth: Proven Strategies for Effective Nurse- Physician Communication, Author: Kathleen Bartholomew
Title: Communication for Nurses: Talking with Patients, Author: Lisa Sheldon
Title: Nurse-Client Communication: A Life Span Approach / Edition 1, Author: Deborah Antai-Otong

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