Title: Swimming for Masters, Triathletes, Open Water, Fitness Swimmers, Coaches, Including Workout Development, Workout Modification and Workout Sets, Author: Chuck Slaght
Title: Open Water Swimming: A Complete Guide for Swimmers and Triathletes, Author: Emma Davis
Title: Open Water Swimming Manual: An Expert's Survival Guide for Triathletes and Open Water Swimmers, Author: Lynne Cox
Title: Triathlon Swimming: Master Open-Water Swimming with the Tower 26 Method, Author: Gerry Rodrigues
Title: Open Water: The History and Technique of Swimming, Author: Mikael Rosen
Title: Open Water Swimming, Author: Joe Oakes
Title: Best of the Best Sellers Tips On Open Water Swimming ( water, aqua, rain, stream, refreshment, snack, hopping, leaping, swimming, floating, raft, float ), Author: Resounding Wind Publishing
Title: Open Water Swimming-B&N epub, Author: Steven Munatones
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Title: History of Open-Water Marathon Swimming, Author: Timothy M. Johnson
Title: 2-Mile Open Water Swim with Hurdles, Author: Martin Miller-Yianni
Title: Jack Peebles Swims Open Water Mile at Moonshine Beach, Branson, MO, Author: Jack Peebles
Title: In the Wake of Mercedes Gleitze: Open Water Swimming Pioneer, Author: Doloranda Pember
Title: Return to the Sea: A Guide to Open Water Swimming in Mallorca, Spain, Author: Pia Lord
Title: Return to the Sea II: A Guide to Open Water Swimming in the British Virgin Island, Author: Pia Lord
Title: Swimming For Triathlon And Open Water: Gain Confidence and Unlock Your Ideal Front Crawl, Author: Paul Mason
Title: Open Water Swim Journal: A Cold Water Swimming Track And Log Book For Swimmers, Author: Dubreck World Publishing
Title: 2-Mile Open Water Swim with Hurdles: 2-Mile Open Water Swim with Hurdles, Author: Martin Miller-Yianni
Title: 1001 Outdoor Swimming Tips: Environmental, safety, training and gear advice for cold-water, open-water and wild swimmers, Author: Calum Maclean