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Title: Black Girl
Title: Xala, Author: Ousmane Sembene
Title: Ousmane Sembène: Interviews, Author: Annett Busch
Title: Ousmane Sembene: The Making of a Militant Artist, Author: Samba Gadjigo
Title: Black Girl/Borom Sarret
Title: Mandabi
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Title: Moolaadé
Title: Camp De Thiaroye
Title: Xala
Title: Xala (French Edition), Author: Ousmane Sembene
Title: Les Bouts de Bois de Dieu, Author: Ousmane Sembene
Title: Tribal Scars, and Other Stories, Author: Ousmane Sembène
Title: Cinema Of Ousmane Sembene, A Pioneer Of African Film, Author: Francois Pfaff
Title: Ousmane Sembene and the Politics of Culture, Author: Lifongo J. Vetinde
Title: Money-Order with White Genesis, Author: Sembene Ousmane
Title: God's Bits of Wood, Author: Sembene Ousmane
Title: Last of the Empire, Author: Sembene Ousmane
Title: Money-Order With White Genesis, Author: Sembene Ousmane
Title: God's Bits of Wood / Edition 1, Author: Sembene Ousmane
Title: Le Mandat, Author: Sembene Ousmane

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