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Title: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece: An Authoritative Account of Greek Military and Political Power, Architecture, Sculpture, Art, Drama and Philosophy, Author: Nigel Rodgers
Title: A Short History Of Greek Philosophy, Author: John Marshall
Title: THE COMPLETE WORKS OF PLATO (Special Nook Edition) FULL COLOR ILLUSTRATED VERSION: All the Works of Plato in a Single Volume!) The Apology The Republic The Laws and Other Classics of Greek Philosophy (Socrates) NOOKbook (COMPLETE WORKS COLLECTION), Author: Plato
Title: The Philosophy of Early Christianity, Author: George E. Karamanolis
Title: Birth in Ancient China: A Study of Metaphor and Cultural Identity in Pre-Imperial China, Author: Constance A. Cook
Title: A History of Greek Philosophy, Volume 6: Aristotle: An Encounter, Author: W. K. C. Guthrie
Title: Son of God, Son of the Sun: The Life and Philosophy of Akhenaten, King of Egypt, Author: Savitri Devi
Title: Philosophy of Aristotle, Author: D. F. Allan
Title: Childhood And The Philosophy Of Education, Author: Andrew Stables
Title: Aristotle's Philosophy of Friendship, Author: Suzanne Stern-Gillet
Title: Classical World Bibliography of Philosophy, Religion, and Rhetoric, Author: Walter Dolan
Title: M. Aurelius Antoninus and The Philosophy of Antoninus (Illustrated), Author: George Long
Title: Early Greek Philosophy (Illustrated), Author: John Burnet
Title: The Dynamics of Aristotelian Natural Philosophy from Antiquity to the Seventeenth Century, Author: Brill
Title: The teachings of Zoroaster, and the philosophy of the Parsi religion, Author: Shapurji Aspaniarji Kapadia
Title: Christianity and Greek Philosophy (Illustrated), Author: B.F. Cocker
Title: Flow and Flux in Plato's Philosophy, Author: Andrew J. Mason
Title: Plato, Utilitarianism and Education (International Library of the Philosophy of Education Volume 3), Author: Robin Barrow
Title: Roman Philosophy and the Good Life, Author: Raymond Angelo Belliotti

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