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Title: History of Western Philosophy, Author: Bertrand Russell
Title: The Philosophy Book, Author: Will Buckingham
Title: Meditations - The Thoughts Of The Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus - With Biographical Sketch, Philosophy Of, Illustrations, Index And Index Of Terms, Author: Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
Title: The Norton Introduction to Philosophy, Author: Gideon Rosen
Title: The Story of Philosophy, Author: Will Durant
Title: Meditations on First Philosophy / Edition 3, Author: Rene Descartes
Title: The Consolations of Philosophy, Author: Alain de Botton
Title: The Elements of Moral Philosophy / Edition 8, Author: James Rachels
Title: Classics of Philosophy / Edition 3, Author: Louis P. Pojman
Title: An Introduction to Political Philosophy / Edition 3, Author: Jonathan Wolff
Title: Principles of Philosophy (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading), Author: Rene Descartes
Title: Discovering Philosophy, Portfolio Edition / Edition 2, Author: Thomas I. White
Title: Problems from Philosophy / Edition 3, Author: James Rachels
Title: The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy, Author: Wayne Yuen
Title: The Philosophy of Art (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading), Author: G. W. F. Hegel
Title: Philosophy of Mind / Edition 3, Author: Jaegwon Kim
Title: READINGS ANCIENT GREEK PHILOSOPHY, 4/ED / Edition 4, Author: S. Marc Cohen
Title: Philosophy in 50 Milestone Moments, Author: Daniel Smith
Title: Philosophy: The Power Of Ideas / Edition 9, Author: Brooke Noel Moore
Title: The Great Conversation: A Historical Introduction to Philosophy / Edition 7, Author: Norman Melchert

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