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Title: The Psychology of Workplace Safety / Edition 1, Author: Julian Barling
Title: The Psychology of Safety Handbook / Edition 2, Author: E. Scott Geller
Title: Principles and Practice of Aviation Psychology / Edition 1, Author: Pamela S. Tsang
Title: Hazards, Decontamination, and Replacement of PCB: A Comprehensive Guide, Author: Jean-Pierre Crine
Title: Shiftwork: Health, Sleep and Performance: Proceedings of the IX International Symposium on Night and Shift Work, Verona, Italy, 1989 / Edition 1, Author: Giovanni Costa
Title: Accident Prone: A History of Technology, Psychology, and Misfits of the Machine Age, Author: John C. Burnham
Title: The Design of Everyday Things, Author: Donald A. Norman
Title: The Human Side of New Manufacturing Technology, Author: Toby D. Wall
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Title: Introduction to Human Factors: Applying Psychology to Design, Author: Nancy J. Stone
Title: Night and Shiftwork: Longterm Effects and Their Prevention: Proceedings of the VII International Symposium on Night- and Shiftwork, IGLS, Austria 1985, Author: M. Haider
Title: Psychology of Safety: How to Change Behaviors and Attitudes at Work / Edition 1, Author: E. Scott Geller
Title: Mechanisms in the Chain of Safety: Research and Operational Experiences in Aviation Psychology, Author: Teresa C D'Oliveira
Title: Hours of Work: Temporal Factors in Work Scheduling, Author: Simon Folkard
Title: Managing Emergent Phenomena: Nonlinear Dynamics in Work Organizations / Edition 1, Author: Stephen J. Guastello
Title: Personality and the Prediction of Job Performance More Than the Big Five: A Special Issue of Human Performance, Author: Walter C. Borman