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Title: Blindfold Chess: History, Psychology, Techniques, Champions, World Records, and Important Games, Author: Eliot Hearst
Title: Capt'n Bob's Adventures in Child Psychology, Author: Robert Belenky
Title: Biographical Dictionary of Psychology, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Biographical Dictionary of Psychology, Author: Noel Sheehy
Title: Ghetto Psychology, Author: Thomas L. Murphy
Title: Nothing to Fear: A poignant story of my life as a self-supporting student in the Philippines and how I later became a full professor and department chair of education and psychology in the United States, Author: Benjamin Bandiola
Title: Finding Jung: Frank N. McMillan, Jr., a Life in Quest of the Lion, Author: Frank N. McMillan III
Title: Eponyms in Psychology: A Dictionary and Biographical Sourcebook, Author: Leonard Zusne
Title: Developing Self Without Sight: The Psychology of a Blind Child, Author: William F. Cavitt
Title: Daughters Of Madness, Author: Susan Nathiel
Title: Jacques Inaudi (1867-1950): Un jeune calculateur prodige - Étudié par Broca, Charcot & Binet - A young calculator prodigy - Studied by Broca, Charcot & Binet, Author: Serge Nicolas
Title: Daniel Kahneman: 2002 Nobel Laureate and Creator of Hedonic Psychology, Author: Greame C.