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Title: Spectroscopy Source Book (The McGraw-Hill Science Reference Series), Author: McGraw-Hill Staff
Title: Applications of Reference Materials in Analytical Chemistry, Author: Ron Walker
Title: Polymer Reference Book, Author: T. R. Crompton
Title: Mass Spec Desk Reference, Author: O. David Sparkman
Title: Reference Materials for Environmental Analysis / Edition 1, Author: Raymond E. Clement
Title: Strategies of Microsurgery in Problematic Brain Areas with Special Reference to NMR, Author: Wolfgang Seeger
Title: Index of Solvents: An International Guide to More Than 1,700 Products by Trade Name, Chemical, Application, and Manufacturer, Author: Michael Ash
Title: Advances in X-Ray Spectroscopy: A Reference Text in Honour of Professor Y. Cauchois, Author: C. Bonnelle
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Title: Chemical Structure Software for Personal Computers, Author: Daniel E. Meyer
Title: Trends in Analytical Chemistry: Reference Edition, Author: Science Elsevier
Title: Applied Spectroscopy: A Compact Reference for Practitioners / Edition 1, Author: Jerry Workman Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Spectroscopy of Polymers, Author: Jack L. Koenig
Title: Auger Electron Spectroscopy Reference Manual: A Book of Standard Spectra for Identification and Interpretation of Auger Electron Spectroscopy Data, Author: G. McGuire
Title: Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Reference Guide and Atlas, Author: Allen D. Elster
Title: Trends in Analytical Chemistry: Reference Edition, Author: D. Coleman
Title: Reference Materials for Chemical Analysis: Certification, Availability, and Proper Usage, Author: Markus Stoeppler
Title: Biological Reference Materials: Availability, Uses and Need for Validation of Nutrient Measurement, Author: Wayne R. Wolf
Title: Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation and Applications in Biological Research, Author: Robert J. Cotter
Title: Dielectric Spectroscopy of Polymeric Materials: Fundamentals and Applications, Author: James P. Runt
Title: Introduction to Microwave Sample Preparation: Theory and Practice, Author: H. M. Kingston

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