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Title: Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion: 300 Terms & Thinkers Clearly & Concisely Defined, Author: C. Stephen Evans Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Health Aspects of Human Rights with Special Reference to Developments in Biology and Medicine, Author: World Health Organization Staff
Title: Reference and Essence, Author: Nathan U. Salmon
Title: Pragmatism and Reference, Author: David Boersema
Title: References for Students of Language Planning, Author: Joan Rubin
Title: Aitchison's Linguistics, Author: Jean Aitchison Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Arthurian Revival: Essays on Form, Tradition, and Transformation, Author: Debra N.. Mancoff
Title: History of English in Its Own Words, Author: Craig M. Carver
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Title: A Descriptive and Annotated Bibliography of Thomas Chatterton, Author: Murray Warren
Title: Spiritual Beauty: A Discussion, in English and Greek, of the Concept of Spiritual Beauty by Reference to Philosophic, Religious, and Literary Writings That Date from Antiquity to the Present, Author: Constantine Cavarnos
Title: Teach Yourself Instant Reference: Philosophy, Author: Helicon
Title: The Moral Dignity of Man : An Exposition of Catholic Moral Doctrine with Particular Reference to Family and Medical Ethics in the Light of Contemporary Developments, Author: P Bristow
Title: Worldviews: Think for Yourself about How We See God, Author: Mark A Tabb
Title: Brook Farm: An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide, Author: Joel Myerson
Title: The Progressive Education Movement; An Annotated Bibliography, Author: Mariann P. Winick
Title: The ten Commandments for Teaching: A Teacher's View, Author: Ray Reyes
Title: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: An Analytical Bibliography, Author: Cecil L. Eubanks
Title: Preference Laws for Syllable Structure and the Explanation of Sound Change: With Special Reference to German, Germanic, Italian, and Latin, Author: Theo Vennemann
Title: Reference, Truth and Reality: Essays on the Philosophy of Language, Author: Mark D. Platts
Title: Classical World Bibliography of Philosophy, Religion, and Rhetoric, Author: Walter Dolan

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