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Title: Quick Reference to Nursing Leadership / Edition 1, Author: Donna Costello-Nickitas
Title: The Innovation Manager's Desk Reference, Author: Paul Williams
Title: Army Doctrine Reference Publication ADRP 6-22 (FM 6-22) Army Leadership August 2012, Author: United States Government US Army
Title: The Truth About Background and Reference Checks When Hiring, Author: Cathy Fyock
Title: Army Doctrine Reference Publication ADRP 6-0 Mission Command May 2012, Author: United States Government US Army
Title: The Executive Nurse: Leadership for New Health Care Transitions / Edition 1, Author: Sandra R. Byers
Title: Workplace Mentoring: A Shea Reference Guide, Author: Andrew Jones
Title: Leading from Within: Twelve Concepts for Leaders Who Seek a Spiritual Frame of Reference, Author: Thomas E. Beeman
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Title: The Nurse's Guide to Successful Management: A Desk Reference, Author: Jo McGuffin
Title: Motivation and Goal-Setting: A Quick and Handy Guide for Any Manager or Business Owner, Author: Career Press Editors
Title: The Ultimate Book of Business Skills: The 100 Most Important Techniques for Being Successful in Business, Author: Tony Grundy
Title: Developing Non-Hierarchical Leadership on Campus: Case Studies and Best Practices in Higher Education, Author: Shannon Faris
Title: La Stratégie Océan Bleu: L'outil de référence pour s'affranchir de la concurrence, Author: Pierre Pichère
Title: Handbook on Responsible Leadership and Governance in Global Business, Author: Stephen A. Stumpf
Title: Leadership in Science and Technology: A Reference Handbook, Author: William S. Bainbridge
Title: Management: Reference for Students and Professionals, Author: Ray Myers
Title: Mao Tse-Tung's Ch'I and the Chinese Political Economy: With Special Reference to the Post-Mao Modernization Revolution, Author: Lam Lai Sing
Title: Winning Before the Game Begins: A Reference Guide to Building and Growing a Sales Team, Author: Barry J. Vose