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Title: The Routledge Companion to Religion and Film, Author: John Lyden
Title: Discovering World Religions at 24 Frames Per Second, Author: Julien R. Fielding
Title: Everything I Ever Needed to Know About _____* I Learned from Monty Python: *History, Art, Poetry, Communism, Philosophy, the Media, Birth, Death, Religion, Literature, Latin, Transvestites, Botany, the French, Class Systems, Mythology, Fish Slapping, and, Author: Brian Cogan
Title: Dream West: Politics and Religion in Cowboy Movies, Author: Douglas Brode
Title: Film as Religion: Myths, Morals, and Rituals / Edition 1, Author: John C. Lyden
Title: Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix, Author: Glenn Yeffeth
Title: Empire Triumphant: Race, Religion and Rebellion in the Star Wars Films, Author: Kevin J. Wetmore
Title: Sex, Politics, and Religion in Star Wars: An Anthology, Author: Douglas Brode
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Title: Playing with Religion in Digital Games, Author: HEIDI CAMPBELL
Title: Cinema, Religion and the Romantic Legacy / Edition 1, Author: Paul Coates
Title: Continuum Companion to Religion and Film, Author: William L. Blizek
Title: Religion In Film / Edition 1, Author: John R. May
Title: The Religion and Film Reader / Edition 1, Author: S. Brent Plate
Title: Teaching Religion and Film, Author: Gregory J Watkins
Title: The Religion and Film Reader, Author: Jolyon Mitchell
Title: Teaching Religion and Film, Author: Gregory J Watkins
Title: Film, Lacan and the Subject of Religion, Author: Steve Nolan
Title: Film and Religion, Author: Paul V.M. Flesher
Title: The Religions Of Star Trek, Author: Ross Kraemer
Title: Art, Religion, Amnesia: The Enchantments of Credulity, Author: Donald Preziosi

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