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Title: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion / Edition 3, Author: Brian Davies
Title: Mathematics and Religion: Our Languages of Sign and Symbol, Author: Javier Leach
Title: God Owes Us Nothing: A Brief Remark on Pascal's Religion and on the Spirit of Jansenism, Author: Leszek Kolakowski Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Two Views of Freedom in Process and Thought, Author: George R. Lucas
Title: The Religion of Isaac Newton: The Fremantle Lectures, 1973, Author: Frank E. Manuel
Title: Logic, God and Metaphysics, Author: James Harris
Title: The Uses of Paradox: Religion, Self-Transformation, and the Absurd, Author: Matthew Bagger Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: A Passion for Mathematics: Numbers, Puzzles, Madness, Religion, and the Quest for Reality, Author: Clifford A. Pickover Read an excerpt of this book!
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Title: Two Process Philosophers: Hartshorne's Encounter with Whitehead, Author: Lewis S. Ford
Title: Forever fluid: A reading of Luce Irigaray's Elemental Passions, Author: Hanneke Canters
Title: NON NOBIS, DOMINE: Religion, Spirituality, Mathematics and Physics in the Light of the Postulate of Faith, Author: Manuel S. Marin Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Skeptical Essays, Author: Benson Mates
Title: The Dance of Time: The Origins of the Calendar: A Miscellany of History and Myth, Religion and Astronomy, Festivals and Feast Days, Author: Michael Judge
Title: The Science of Logic, Author: Asa Mahan
Title: Good Arguments: An Introduction to Critical Thinking / Edition 4, Author: Connie A. Missimer
Title: Textual Sources for the Study of Judaism / Edition 1, Author: Philip S. Alexander
Title: The Paradox of Intention: Reaching the Goal by Giving Up the Attempt to Reach It, Author: Marvin C. Shaw
Title: Religion, Reason and God: Essays in the Philosophies of Charles Hartshorne and A. N. Whitehead, Author: Santiago Sia
Title: Religion, Science and Worldview: Essays in Honor of Richard S. Westfall, Author: Margaret J. Osler