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Title: Rap and Religion, Author: Ebony A Utley
Title: The Music And Dance Of The World's Religions, Author: E. Rust
Title: In Search of Soul: Hip-Hop, Literature, and Religion, Author: Alejandro Nava
Title: Sacred Song in America: Religion, Music, and Public Culture, Author: Stephen A. Marini
Title: The Holy Profane: Religion in Black Popular Music / Edition 1, Author: Teresa L. Reed
Title: Sacred Sound: Experiencing Music in World Religions / Edition 1, Author: Guy L. Beck
Title: Jazz Religion, the Second Line, and Black New Orleans, Author: Turner
Title: Pop Cults: Religion and Popular Music, Author: Rupert Till
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Title: My So-Called Punk: Green Day, Fall Out Boy, The Distillers, Bad Religion---How Neo-Punk Stage-Dived into the Mainstream, Author: Matt Diehl
Title: The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religion and Popular Music, Author: Christopher Partridge
Title: God Is Still Great; How Religion Saves Everything and The RFID Chip, Author: Eugene Cole Bolchoz
Title: Revolution and Religion in the Music of Liszt, Author: Paul Merrick
Title: Religion and Art, Author: Richard Wagner
Title: La religion dans la musique, Author: Camille Bellaigue
Title: Interrelatedness of Music, Religion, and Ritual in African Performance Practice, Author: Daniel Kodzo Avorgbedor
Title: Jazz Religion, the Second Line, and Black New Orleans, Author: Richard Brent Turner
Title: On your knees. Biblical references, religion and faith in the songs by U2, Author: Barbara Marinello
Title: Music and Religion, Author: Stanley Armstrong Hunter
Title: The Rhythms of Black Folk; Race, Religion, and Pan-Africanism / Edition 1, Author: Jon Michael Spencer
Title: Rave Culture and Religion, Author: Graham St John

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