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Title: Innovation the NASA Way: Harnessing the Power of Your Organization for Breakthrough Success, Author: Rod Pyle
Title: First on the Moon: The Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Experience, Author: Rod Pyle
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Title: Space 2.0: How Private Spaceflight, a Resurgent NASA, and International Partners are Creating a New Space Age, Author: Rod Pyle
Title: Missions to the Moon, Author: Rod Pyle
Title: Heroes of the Space Age: Incredible Stories of the Famous and Forgotten Men and Women Who Took Humanity to the Stars, Author: Rod Pyle
Title: Interplanetary Robots: True Stories of Space Exploration, Author: Rod Pyle
Title: Mars: The Missions That Have Transformed Our Understanding of the Red Planet, Author: Rod Pyle
Title: Blueprint for a Battlestar: Serious Scientific Explanations Behind Sci-Fi's Greatest Inventions, Author: Rod Pyle
Title: Amazing Stories of the Space Age: True Tales of Nazis in Orbit, Soldiers on the Moon, Orphaned Martian Robots, and Other Fascinating Accounts from the Annals of Spaceflight, Author: Rod Pyle
Title: Destination Mars: New Explorations of the Red Planet, Author: Rod Pyle
Title: Curiosity: An Inside Look at the Mars Rover Mission and the People Who Made It Happen, Author: Rod Pyle
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Zero Hour 3: If the Two of Them Are Dead
#3 in Series
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