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Title: The Populist Challenge: Argentine Electoral Behavior in the Postwar Era, Author: Lars Schoultz
Title: Sugar and the Underdevelopment of Northeastern Brazil, 1500-1970, Author: Kit Sims Taylor
Title: The Military Coup d'Etat as a Political Process: Ecuador, 1948-1966, Author: John S. Fitch 3rd
Title: Mission In Mufti, Author: Wilfred Bacchus
Title: The Brazilian Legislature and Political System, Author: Abdo I. Baaklini
Title: Exploration of South America: An Annotated Bibliography, Author: Edward J. Goodman
Title: Elections and Negotiation: The Nature of Democracy in Venezuela, Author: Eduardo A. Talavera
Title: Slavery and the Economy of Sao Paulo, 1750-1850, Author: Francisco Vidal Luna
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Title: The Politics of Social Policy Change in Chile and Uruguay: Retrenchment versus Maintenance, 1973-1998, Author: Rossana Castiglioni Nunez
Title: The Rise and Fall of Project Camelot: Studies in the Relationship between Social Science and Practical Politics, Author: Irving Louis Horowitz
Title: The Tragedy of Chile., Author: Robert J. Alexander
Title: Change and Bureaucracy: Public Administration in Venezuela, Author: Bill Stewart
Title: Politics and Intergovernmental Relations in Brazil, 1964-1982, Author: A. C. De Medeiros
Title: Government and Politics of Uruguay, Author: Philip Bates Taylor