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Title: A New Kind of Science, Author: Stephen Wolfram
Title: Concrete Mathematics: A Foundation for Computer Science / Edition 2, Author: Ronald L. Graham
Title: Languages and Machines: An Introduction to the Theory of Computer Science / Edition 3, Author: Thomas A. Sudkamp
Title: Introduction to Probability and Statistics: Principles and Applications for Engineering and the Computing Sciences / Edition 4, Author: J. Susan Milton
Title: Introductory Discrete Mathematics, Author: V. K . Balakrishnan Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Data Reduction and Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences / Edition 3, Author: Philip Bevington
Title: Computability, Complexity, and Languages: Fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science / Edition 2, Author: Martin Davis
Title: Network Algebra / Edition 1, Author: Gheorghe Stefanescu
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Title: Real Computing Made Real: Preventing Errors in Scientific and Engineering Calculations, Author: Forman S. Acton Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Understanding Regression Assumptions / Edition 1, Author: William D. Berry Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Algorithms: Interdisciplinary Applications / Edition 1, Author: Martin Charles Golumbic
Title: Combinatorics on Traces / Edition 1, Author: Volker Diekert
Title: Computational Discrete Mathematics: Advanced Lectures / Edition 1, Author: Helmut Alt
Title: Category Theory for Computing Science, Author: Michael Barr
Title: Information, Randomness and Incompleteness: Papers on Algorithmic Information Theory, Author: Gregory J Chaitin
Title: Integrating Symbolic Mathematical Computation and Artificial Intelligence: Second International Conference, AISMC-2, Cambridge, United Kingdom, August 3-5, 1994. Selected Papers / Edition 1, Author: Jacques Calmet
Title: Mathematics and Computer Science: Algorithms, Trees, Combinatorics and Probabilities, Author: Daniele Gardy
Title: Mathematica in Theoretical Physics, Author: Baumann
Title: Computational Partial Differential Equations: Numerical Methods and Diffpack Programming, Author: Hans Petter Langtangen
Title: Process Algebra with Timing / Edition 1, Author: J.C.M. Baeten

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