Title: Edokko: Growing up a Stateless Foreigner in Wartime Japan, Author: Isaac Shapiro
Title: Edokko, Author: Isaac Shapiro
Title: Tjideng Reunion: A Memoir of World War II on Java, Author: Boudewijn van Oort
Title: It's a Beautiful Day at the Plaza: There are no endings, only beginnings, Author: Lydia Ellen Green
Title: And No More Sorrow, Author: Liliane Pelzman
Title: Hell Came Twice: I survived Camp Halmaheira, Author: Sonja Schulz
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Title: En verder geen leed, Author: Liliane Pelzman
Title: A Boy's Journey: From internment camp to the Land of the Free, Author: Frits De Haan
Title: Het Kleine Dappere Meisje dat stiekem weigert te stoppen met dromen: Op zoek naar geluk, Author: Zuhra Numan
Title: Mijn Verblijf in Gevangenis en Concentratiekampen tijdens de Duitse Bezetting, Author: Johan Gerber
Title: I survived Camps Baciro and Pundung: A Life to Remember, Author: Rudolf Henry Joon
Title: Freedom Means Living Without Fear: A World War II Hybrid Graphic Holocaust Memoir, Author: Ha Metsajeret
Title: THOSE WERE THE DAYS, Author: Oscar Felix
Title: And No More Sorrow: A Mother, her Daughter, their War, Author: Liliane Pelzman
Title: En verder geen leed: Een moeder, haar dochter, hun oorlog, Author: Liliane Pelzman
Title: A Boy's Journey, Author: Frits de Haan
Title: Het Kleine Dappere Meisje dat stiekem weigert te stoppen met dromen, Author: Zuhra Numan
Title: Never Surrender! A true story, Author: Liliane Pelzman
Title: The MK Story, Author: Monica Sands
Title: The MK Story: Code Name: The Black Cat, Author: Monica Sands

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