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Title: Hiding in Plain Sight: The Incredible True Story of a German-Jewish Teenager's Struggle to Survive in Nazi-Occupied Poland, Author: Betty Lauer
Title: Sanford Meisner Approach Volume III: Tracking the Text, Author: Larry Silverberg
Title: Smith and Kraus Drama Guide for Teachers, K-1, Author: Helen Landalf
Title: Seattle Children's Theatre: Six Plays for Young Audiences / Edition 1, Author: Marisa Smith
Title: Christopher Durang: Complete Full-Length Plays, 1975-1995, Author: Christopher Durang
Title: EST Marathon 1998: The Complete Plays, Author: Smith & Kraus Inc
Title: 2017 Theatre Brut Festival Anthology: A Collection of 28 Short Plays, Author: Smith & Kraus
Title: Loving to Audition: A Workbook for Actors, Author: Larry Silverberg
Title: Boston Theater Marathon XI: 2009 Anthology, Author: Smith & Kraus Inc.
Title: Showtime's Act One Festival 1994, Author: Marisa Smith
Title: Actor's Book of Movie Monologues, Author: Marisa Smith
Title: Redefining Sovereignty: The Battle for the Moral High Ground in a Changing World, Author: Orrin Judd
Title: Take a Bow: Lesson Plans for Pre-School Drama, Author: Nina Czitron
Title: The Smith and Kraus Index of Plays for Young Actors: A Guide to 500 Plays, Author: Craig Slaight
Title: Terror: The New Anti-Semitism and the War Against the West, Author: Fiamma Nirenstein
Title: The Ultimate Monologue Index: The Smith and Kraus Monologue Index, 2nd Edition / Edition 2, Author: Karen Morris
Title: The First Affair, Author: Emma McLaughlin
Title: The Monologue Index, Author: Karen Morris
Title: EST Marathon 1994: The Complete One-Act Plays, Author: Marisa Smith
Title: Job Book: 100 Acting Jobs for Actors, Author: Glenn Alterman