Title: Flying Solo (My Sister the Vampire Series #11), Author: Sienna Mercer
Title: Beethoven Symphonies #1-5 Arranged for Solo Piano by Franz Liszt, Author: Ludwig van Beethoven
Title: Exam Excellence for Solo Pipers: Study Unit 11: SCQF Level 8 - Theory, Author: Elixir Piping and Drumming
Title: Miniatures: for Solo Harp, Author: Dmitri N. Smirnov
Title: Debussy: Images - Book 1 for Solo Piano L. 110, Author: Samwise Publishing
Title: Vol en solo, Author: Sienna Mercer
Title: Star WarsT Solo: Der Roman zum Film, Author: Mur Lafferty
Title: Tatuaggi di uomini soli: La terza inchiesta dell'ispettrice Paola Trani, Author: Giorgio Ansaldo