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Title: Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide, Author: Clif Flynt
Title: Tcl/Tk Programmer's Reference, Author: Chris Nelson
Title: TCL/TK for Dummies, Author: Tim Webster
Title: Building Network Management Tools with Tcl/Tk, Author: Dave Zeltserman
Title: Tcl/Tk For Real Programmers, Author: Clif Flynt
Title: TCL/TK 8.5 Programming Cookbook, Author: Bert Wheeler
Title: 20'th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference, Author: Tcl Association
Title: The Complete Tcl/Tk Training Course with CD-ROM, Author: Brent B. Welch
Title: Interactive Web Applications with Tcl/Tk, Author: Hattie Schroeder
Title: Fourth Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop '96 Proceedings, Author: Mark Diekhans
Title: Tcl/Tk In A Nutshell, Author: Paul Raines
Title: Tcl/Tk Pocket Reference, Author: Paul Raines
Title: Sams Teach Yourself Tcl/Tk in 24 Hours, Author: Venkat V. Sastry
Title: TCL/Tk Tools, Author: Mark Harrison
Title: Sixth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference Proceedings, Author: Usenix Association
Title: Tcl /Tk Workshop Proceedings, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Author: Usenix Association
Title: Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk / Edition 3, Author: Brent Welch
Title: Tcl and the Tk Toolkit / Edition 1, Author: John K. Ousterhout
Title: Graphical Applications with TCL and TK, Author: Eric F. Johnson
Title: Tcl and the Tk Toolkit (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series) / Edition 2, Author: John K. Ousterhout

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