Title: Secrets of the Highwayman (Immortal Warriors, #2), Author: Sara Mackenzie
Title: The Merchant's Lady Pt. 2 (Chronicles of a Highwayman's Adventures), Author: Katie Ayres
Title: The Highwayman, Author: Megan Derr
Title: Your Money or Your Life, Author: Marie Medina
Title: Ride or Die #2: A Devil's Highwaymen MC Novel, Author: Claire C Riley
Title: Upon the Tide, Author: C.S. Grady
Title: Steam Highwayman 2: Highways and Holloways, Author: Martin Barnabus Noutch
Title: The Highwayman Book 2: Strange Love, Author: R.W. Clinger
Title: Four: The Thrilling Conclusion to the Lance Belanger File, Author: MJ Preston
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Title: The Fired Gun, Author: Jaimie N. Schock
Title: Highwayman (The Land Between Midnight Trilogy, #2), Author: Craig Saunders
Title: Four, Author: MJ Preston
Title: The Highwayman of Cordovia, Author: Linda Weaver Clarke
Title: Cameo and the Highwayman, Author: Dawn McCullough-White