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Title: Pandora: Outbreak, Author: Eric L. Harry Pre-Order Now
Title: Blank (A Lincoln Delabar Action Adventure Thriller, #1), Author: Richard C Hale
Title: Omega (A Jack Sigler Thriller), Author: Jeremy Robinson
Title: Kill Them Dead 1 (Zombie Thriller Series), Author: Ben Finn
Title: Project Nemesis (A Kaiju Thriller), Author: Jeremy ROBINSON
Title: Nazi Hunter - Atlantis (A SecondWorld Thriller), Author: Jeremy Robinson
Title: Oil to Ashes 1,
Title: Oil to Ashes 2,
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Title: The Keys Of Death - a veterinary medical thriller, Author: Clare T. Walker
Title: The Lost Continent ( Best Selling Western Drama Mystery Romance Science Fiction Action Horror Thriller Religion Military Bible Sci Fi War Adventure ), Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
Title: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Psychological Thriller Classic), Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Title: The Solarian War Trilogy (Three Full-Length Science Fiction Adventure Thrillers), Author: Felix R. Savage
Title: This is Not a Game (Dagmar Shaw Thrillers 1), Author: Walter Jon Williams
Title: Contamination: Dead Instinct: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Dystopian Survival, Author: T.W. Piperbrook
Title: Awakening: A Near Future SciFi Thriller, Author: Randal Sloan
Title: #2 Shades of Gray: From Moscow, With Love, Author: Kristie Lynn Higgins
Title: Operator: A High Tech Sci-Fi Thriller, Author: Shane Phillips
Title: Callsign: King - The Brainstorm Trilogy (A Jack Sigler Thriller), Author: Jeremy Robinson
Title: After: The Echo (After post-apocalyptic thriller series, Book 2), Author: Scott Nicholson
Title: The Franklin Incident (Philly-Punk: Science Fiction & Fantasy Steampunk Thriller Series, #1), Author: Raymond M Rose

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