Title: Time Shards, Author: Dana Fredsti
Title: Time Shards - Tempus Fury, Author: Dana Fredsti
Title: Time Shards - Shatter War, Author: Dana Fredsti
Title: Shards of Time, Author: Lynn Flewelling
Title: Time Spike, Author: Eric Flint
Title: The Shard of Time, Author: Clifford Bowyer
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Title: Broken Shards of Time, Author: Nyah Nichol
Title: Wrong Place, Right Time, Author: E.B. Roshan
Title: Shards of Light and Hope: In a Darkening Time: New and Selected Poems, Author: Carol Thomas Ph. D.
Title: Time of the Dula Kaena: The Second Book of the Shards of Heaven, Author: Amos T. Fairchild
Title: Shard Knight: Echoes Across Time Book 1, Author: Matthew Ballard